Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the year 2008

Sometimes when I am lounging on my couch using my laptop to wirelessly surf the internet, I hearken back to the days of 1995 when my then-boyfriend made fun of a friend of ours who wanted to network everyone’s computers in the dorm. “Computers need wires to talk to each other,” he said, his tone dripping with scorn. “The data can’t just magically float through the air!”

And while we’re on the subject of 1995, I also remember a radio commercial in which a man was explaining his new diet to a woman. I don’t remember what the commercial was for, but the man represented the masses who will believe any fool thing.

“I can eat anything I want except bread,” said the man.

“No bread?” replied the woman. “The staff of life?”

The times, they have changed.

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