Friday, January 30, 2009

I am too cranky to think of a title

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Today is my last day of single parenting. Can I get an "Amen"? All in all, the ordeal was... not that much of an ordeal, considering. Jack was honestly a perfect angel all week, at least until last night (see below). The worst of it was being stuck at home for two days in a row due to snow and illness. Not my illness, the illness of the people I was going to go visit yesterday so I could have some face time with adults. So as a result of being stuck inside my house for two straight days with no adults I got a bit depressed last night. I may have cried a little. But I would have cried a lot less if Grey's Anatomy - which I never even watch anymore but NBC was showing reruns - had not featured an eighty-year-old man performing futile CPR on his dying wife of sixty years. That and the fact that I was stuck at home folding LAUNDRY while Andrew was gallivanting around the California coast, living it up with restaurant dinners, hotel linens and ADULT CONVERSATION. So yes, there might have been a tiny bit of martyred resentment in those tears last night.

Somehow, I gathered myself together and was just about to get into bed when Jack opened his bedroom door. I ended up in his bed for awhile, then in the rocking chair in his room. I kept waiting until I heard steady even breathing and then I would try to sneak out when up he would pop! "Sit in chay-ah, Mummy!" he would whimper pathetically. Imagining how I'd feel in the morning if I slept curled up in a rocking chair all night, I tried getting back in his bed for a while, but ultimately I had to push my own bed against the wall and we both "slept" there for the rest of the night. I should note that "the rest of the night" consisted of the hours of 3:00-6:30 am.

So today we are going to visit my friend The Photographer even though Jack and I are too tired to go anywhere and having lunch in a restaurant with a sleep-deprived toddler is probably a bad idea. But if you look back up in the first paragraph, you'll see that I have not left the house or seen another adult for two full days and it is not doing good things for my psyche, so I'm willing to risk it.

Let's just hope I can get the car over the sheet of ice we call a "driveway."


Becca said...

Oh, I am so glad Andrew is coming back today. You sound exhausted! Good luck with lunch today. I hope he takes great care of you all weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am entering the contest!

And I'm sorry about the martyrness. I think I've told Phillip a hundred million times that he is not allowed to have a job that requires travel. EVER.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain...this was a hard week. I was also trapped in the house for 2 days, although, thankfully, you came to visit me on one of those days. Then, on the third day, I took my toddler car shopping...that did not go well. I am happy that this week has come to an end. I cried too....a lot.