Monday, January 19, 2009

This entry was written in haste

First, everyone should go congratulate Arwen on the birth of her son!

What was that I said about autumn in New England being worth the winter? I have been rethinking it.


That is a picture of the snow in my front yard. I took it from a standing position. I am five feet eight inches tall.


Now, we didn’t actually get seven feet of snow this weekend, it’s just that we have a four-car driveway and the front yard is just about the only place we can throw the snow. Our front yard is maybe twenty square feet, and it has been snowing about every three days since December 20th or so. Thus, the pile in the front yard is getting… large. Yesterday, it snowed all day. Andrew and I both shoveled in the morning and Andrew went out again in the late afternoon with the snow blower after it had finally stopped. But then! It snowed again last night! Five more inches this morning!

So, yeah, whine whine whine. But can you blame me?



Let’s change the subject, shall we? Have you ever noticed that there are certain items that, when you go out to purchase them for the first time, you nearly have a heart attack at their price? This happened to me when I tried to buy sweatpants and then again when I tried to buy socks. I didn’t buy either of them on the first go because I thought I was being ripped off. Socks and sweatpants, are items that ought to just GROW in your dresser drawers, don’t you think? And I’ll tell you, even though I was fourteen the first time I tried to buy sweatpants, I didn’t buy them then and I haven’t bought them yet. I can’t seem to get my mind around spending $50 on something that I can’t wear outside the house. So I just wear Andrew’s.

The reason I am bringing this up is because we have been replacing the window treatments in our living room and dining room. Have you ever bought window treatments? GAH. We wanted to get Roman shades, but you can’t cut those to fit and we don’t have a hundred billion dollars.

And, hey! I never posted pictures of Christmas! Well, since I will be putting my “Christmas” cards in the mail tomorrow, this seems almost timely.

Jack, Christmas
Jack seemed very suspicious upon emerging from his room Christmas morning.

Jack, Christmas

We got Jack a kitchen, and just this morning he made me a sandwich and then some pasta and sauce. He got a coffee maker and some cups from his Aunt, so we had some coffee with it. Then, this afternoon, we had a tea party with imaginary cookies and juice. Jack is very into pretending lately, and it is utterly charming in every way.

I’ve officially graduated into maternity wear, so I will have to start taking some photos of the growing belly. It’s not much now; when I’m dressed, I still don’t look pregnant. I just look like I’ve gained a bunch of weight. But this time I started wearing my good maternity jeans immediately instead of spending two months wearing cheap, saggy, hateful, loathsome pants. My unsolicited advice to newly pregnant women is always to spend money on at least two pairs of nice maternity pants. So worth it.


Becca said...

When we found our house we fell in love with the window treatments first and then made them sign something that says they would leave them with the house. Window treatments are a pain! I love the Christmas pictures. I was also relieved to see a picture of Jack in the snow because that pile is big enough to lose a toddler in!

Anonymous said...

1. That's a lot of snow.
2. Jack is scrumptious.
3. OMG, James had the same pajamas.