Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloth Napkin Redux

Those of you who are Swistle fans (which, thanks to the INTERNET PHENOMENON that is The Chicken Game, are now approximately two thirds of my readers) know that Swistle has been on a kick to buy fun stuff kick to save the environment and has converted to cloth napkins. Of all sorts, in fact, but here I am referring to the DINNER napkins. You will also know that she has sent out several care packages of said napkins to the lucky commenters chosen by the fickle Random Number Generator. Sadly, I was not among those lucky few.

However! A few days after her napkin contest, Swistle posted about buying even more cloth napkins. Later that day, she emailed me to request my address which I happily provided. And a few days after THAT, a package arrived at my door! And you will NEVER GUESS who sent it! I certainly had no idea. Truly. No idea whatsoever. “Oh! A package!” I said. “I wonder who it is from!” And when I saw it was from Swistle Thistle, I was completely shocked. “Swistle sent me a package!” I said. And then, because sometimes I am not so bright, I said, “I wonder what is inside!” (I said all of these things to Jack, just so you know that I am not dumb AND crazy. Had I been by myself when I opened the door, I probably would only have thought these things. Probably.)

Do you want to know what was inside? Yes! Cloth napkins! I KNOW. I was also stunned. (There was also a Mr. Pickles inside, but I knew he’d be there, whatever else there was.)

Swistle’s package totally made my day, which had been kind of terrible until that point, and it was only made nicer by the fact that the package was a complete and utter surprise in every way. Moral: Sometimes, it is an advantage to be a little on the slow side.

I took a picture of the Swistle napkins and also of the napkins and napkin rings that I bought for myself. The FOUR napkin rings that were left at Kohl’s the day I was there, might I add. Only four.


I never thought I would be the type of person who would be excited to find napkins that match the kitchen curtains, and yet, here I am.

curtain napkins

And while I’m posting photos, allow me to bring you The Return of Nap Head:

Return of Nap Head

And here’s me, at 26 weeks. I am exploding.

pregnancy, TCG


Tracy said...

I love cloth napkins - yet, I do not have any. What a good idea though. I use cloth towels instead of paper towels for most of our needs, but hadn't thought about getting rid of the paper napkins.

Perhaps after our laundry situation is resolved (dead dryer. will be replaced as soon as we have the cash. Not adding anything to the massive piles of laundry that I have to either hang dry or tote to the laundromat.).

(p.s. you look great. And Jack looks so CUTE.)

Miss Grace said...

Is that Mr. Pickles on your hip?

Great place for cloth napkins: Cost Plus! Also, napkin rings! I should have mentioned this on Swistle's post, now that I consider it....

Swistle said...


Carmen said...

I came to your site to check out The Chicken Game after Swistle linked to it. Then loved your writing so much I read every single entry in your archives (both of them). I feel a certain kinship as I too am a PhD (although in Molecular Genetics, but lab experiences are universal, really). I really enjoyed the lab stories; they made me think back fondly on the strange characters in my PhD/postdoc labs.

Anyway, my family has now started playing TCG. My son (not quite 3) is a bit overenthusiastic in his love for the chicken and has managed to behead a few Mr. Pickles's. But hoooo boy the excitement on his face when he spots him: priceless.

Nice placement of Mr. Pickles in your hip pocket in that last photo there.

Becca said...

Yay for fun surprise packages! And cloth napkins. I love using them too but never remember. Maybe I will try to start now.

Smiling Mama said...

I think getting a package in the mail is one of the best things ever!! Yay for you!

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