Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo uploading

Oh, did you think I meant I'd post some photos? Nope. I promise to take a belly shot shortly, though. People aren't saying how small I am anymore although an acquaintance did say to me the other day, "Hey, your belly button popped. Does that mean you're done?" and I was forced to kill her. Or else I just smiled and laughed and died a little inside; one or the other. PEOPLE: Do not discuss the shape of people's bodies. We hate it. Even if we're pregnant. The end.

So anyway, I've been uploading years worth of photos to Shutterfly because Kodak Gallery has decided that they will no longer store them forever for free. I make albums of months with occasional special event albums for days with lots of photos, and I was chugging my way through 2008 with 70-80 photos per month when I hit July and discovered that I took 428 photos in July. FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT. This trumps even Jack's first month of life which was something like 94 photos. We went on a few trips and there was a baptism and a birthday party maybe? But jeez Louise, this is a lot of photos. So I'm waiting for them to finish uploading. It may take awhile.

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