Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, internet. How I love you.

Thank you all SO MUCH. Your comments made me weepy, but in a good way. Admittedly, it's not currently very difficult to make me weepy. Nevertheless, you all rock. Seriously, WHAT did people do before the internet and blogging? My brother-in-law and his wife don't have the internet at their house and they have a nine-month-old. I often wonder how they survive. NO INTERNET. They are also unwilling to purchase things online, and I would definitely be dead if I couldn't purchase things online. Especially with this new interloper who is - at the moment - STRONGLY OPPOSED to riding in the car seat. What baby doesn't fall asleep when in a car? Have you ever heard of this? She screamed all the way to the pediatrician's today, and then screamed all the way to the lingerie store and then screamed the entire time IN the lingerie store (you cannot be measured for or try on a bra while holding a baby) and then screamed all the way home. Thank the sweet lord I have a sling. So I plan to buy my next batch of non-maternity-but-extra-long t-shirts via the magical, wonderful internet.

Life is better at this moment, because she wore herself out with all the non-stop screaming, and is now asleep IN HER BED. So that's good. And Jack was asleep when I got home, so I could cry myself out with impunity, and I feel better. Also, I now own bras that actually offer support, and I have a feeling it is going to be life changing. (Seriously, when I tried it on in the store, I almost cried with relief it felt so good.) And Jack has since woken up but seems to be skipping the post-nap crank and Andrew is making dinner and life is just a bit more bearable.


And now it is hours later and I'm in bed, ready for whatever sleep I can grab. I'll be taking everyone's advice about cutting myself slack about dinner, and plan to feed Jack lots of scrambled eggs and cheese sandwiches for the next few weeks. Bonus: We can add chopped spinach to the egg and he'll eat it. Andrew and I will scrounge what we can, and maybe eat after Jack goes to bed or something.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the encouraging comments. I promise to post more pictures when I get a chance, but I only get so much computer time a day, you know? I don't want to spend it looking for cables and such.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that some friends came over today and I set the kids up (three two-year-olds) with glue sticks and glitter. I know. Well, I know NOW. See, I hadn't used glitter in years and years, and... well, I forgot what glitter is like. I had a Neat Sheet under the table where they were glittering things, but I probably should not have bothered, because now we just have to figure out how to de-glitter the Neat Sheet in addition to the entire rest of the house and also all our clothes and also our skin. When I got home from the errands, I found a tube of glitter on our bed, and I just this second remembered that there is a small scattering of glitter in the bed next to me that we didn't notice and then did notice and were going to vacuum but we forgot. And now it's too late.

Oh well, they had a great time. We'll just be a sparkly family for the next few weeks. Or possibly years. And from now on, I'm buying the glitter GLUE.


Becca said...

One time I didn't notice that the lotion a friend gave me had glitter in it until I slathered up both mine and Charlie's legs and then headed to church. Not good.

Wesley hated the car too. That's the WORST! Supportive bras are excellent though!

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to say this b/c I don't want to be all gloom and doom, but my kid was one who hated the car/carseat. She slept on the way home from the hospital, but it was full force Psycho screams for the next year. I only mention it b/c I had NO IDEA some kids hated the car and I really wish someone had warned me. I was under the severely mistaken impression that all kids were lulled into a semi-coma every time they were put into a car. I mean, moms used to put cranky kids into the car to get them to calm down, not the other way around. I was shocked, horrified and at a loss. Obviously we survived, but it wasn't pretty and we were stuck at home A LOT because I so dreaded being in the car with her.

nicole said...

My baby did not scream in the car seat, but she also rarely slept/sleeps in the car. She did sleep in the car seat, at home, in the walk-in closet. Go figure.

Glad to hear things were better. I nearly lost my mind when I had my first, with a lot of the same anxiety you talked about in the previous post. But somehow kept my mind and have since had four more children. So it gets better. Or it never gets so bad that you can't do it anymore.

Have a good weekend!

Heather R said...

Sawyer HATES being strapped into the carseat, but sleeps in it from 4:00am until 7:00am every day. He also hates being in the car if we are going less than 60mph. Sometimes he surprises me though. I have a suggestion for a GREAT long t-shirt that is loose enough not to show the post maternity belly...I'll email you the link. Also, I have a few great EASY dinner recipes that are kid friendly...easy to put together the night before or during nap time. I will also email those to you! You are doing great...I'm sorry you are having so much know I am having it too, but just over different issues.

Jenny Grace said...

Gabriel screamed every time he was in a car seat. For a year. Every time. For the whole time. And he didn't cry himself to sleep. It could be hours.