Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a backhanded INSULT

My third sister (fourth sibling), hereafter known on this blog as "Mad Dog," her family nickname as a teenager (HILARIOUS to those of us who know her, it is ironic and yet... not. This is impossible to explain on the blog, sorry) said I could post this story even though it is rightfully hers.

Mad Dog was out with her three boys (currently 7, 2, and 1) and a stranger stopped to admire them. He particularly admired the 2-year-old, saying, "Wow, you sure are a gorgeous little boy. Your father must be really good looking!"


Amanda said...

Oh dear gods I hope she kicked him in the junk!

Erin said...

Hee! TOO FUNNY. And definitely insulting. I'd guess the guy was just saying that because your sister has all boys. But STILL. Men are really clueless sometimes.

Colleen said...

I get it.....But think about it from a BOY'S perspective--what BOY wants to be told they look like their Mom??? Just as no GIRL wants to be told she looks like her DAD.