Friday, August 21, 2009

We interrupt this birth story to say...

Have you ever noticed that babies can be quite comfortable even though their necks look broken?

Broken neck

In that picture, Nora is not, in fact, lying sideways in the car seat. Her feet are at the bottom of that photo. I know.

In other news, this was going on in front of our house today:


It was very exciting, albeit loud - sometimes to a scary level. Jackhammers, you know. And it was also entrapping, since that digger is at the end of my driveway.

Still, it made for some light entertainment.




In that last one, he's making "zshoooozsh" noises, because his arm was the... white bendy thing on the end of the water utility truck in the photo behind him.

Man, it's a good thing he's so cute sometimes, because he's almost three. And he acts like a three-year-old.


Becca said...

Those pictures are SO CUTE!! I am sorry about the noise and the disruption because I know you are feeling trapped. But Jack must be SO HAPPY!

Joy said...

Sleeping baby: so cute!!
Neck looking incredibly uncomfortable: so true!!

Construction: A little boys heaven!

Thanks so much for sharing.

-R- said...

My husband used to always try to adjust the baby's neck, waking up the baby in the process. =)