Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick toddler

No preschool today, since Jack is nursing a cold and I don't want to infect the whole school. So now my morning is shot, but maybe this means he won't be bouncing off the walls this afternoon.

At any rate, Saturday was Curious George's birthday, which I found out thanks to Becca, and we went to the Boston Public Library to MEET GEORGE.

Sadly, our good camera broke minutes before we left, so we had to make do with my old point-and-shoot which has an old battery that lasts for only a few photos. Well, that and a FILM camera. I KNOW. FILM. WTF.

Still, we met George, and The Man With The Yellow Hat (film pics only of that one), and it was super cool. Plus, there were cupcakes, although the cupcakes had buttercream frosting which I have found sort of disgusting ever since I made it that one time. Do you know what buttercream frosting is made of? Butter and cream! It is ruined for me forever.


Then we went home.


How was your weekend?


AJU5's Mom said...

George has become my daughter's favorite cartoon. She will ask for him by name.

I hope the "bug" doesn't spread through the house and everyone is well by morning!

Becca said...

FUN! I was so sad we had to miss it but we had already made plans to be in another city without the kids. Glad Jack got to meet George. Looks like a good time.

I've made buttercream icing before with butter and milk! It was low fat!

Dr. Maureen said...

It's not the cream that bothers me, it's the butter. I can't stand it if buttercream frosting tastes like butter. Ew.

Swistle said...


I have been calling frosting "buttercream frosting" that WAS NOT buttercream frosting!! This is very startling news! I think I need to lie down!