Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Potty Training: Done and done. Sort of.

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So! It’s going much better now! So much better, we’re calling this kid “Trained.” Of course, he still wears a diaper at night, and he still has accidents sometimes, and he has yet to use our actual toilet… but! He has used OTHER toilets! One was even without a special seat!

Speaking of special toilet seats, has anyone else caught themselves about to say, “You need a special seat so you don’t fall in,” thus nearly instilling a heretofore unknown toilet fear? I came this close, people. “You need a special seat so you don’t – uh, so that it’s, uh, more comfortable.”

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Krizzzz said...

Yep. Not specifically with the potty, but I find myself often having to stop and edit so as to NOT introduce an idea that makes James go, "What? I wasn't even THINKING that! Thanks a lot, Mom."

Kira said...

When I was three years old, I TOTALLY fell in the toilet. My mom had stepped away, and was talking to a friend of hers who was going through a rough divorce. When she finally found me, all folded up with my bottom shoved into the toilet, she took the time to run and get the camera before helping me out. Thus, she waved all rights at her maternal guilt-tripping. I must say, though, it didn't scar me too badly. I can't way that I have a particular fear of toilets at this point in my life.

Becca said...

That sounds far more painless than our experience, which I realized the other day has taken nearly six months. But we're at the same point as you now--diapers at naps and nighttime, only poops during naps and nighttime. Convenient, isn't it?