Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Such is life

Today, while Jack was at preschool I had a list. I was going to
1. Clean the kitchen
2. Clean the bathroom
3. Change Jack's sheets
4. Fold and put away the laundry (apparently, there are no magical gnomes who do this although I keep hoping)
5. Vacuum
6. Sweep the stairs

Instead, I did the following:
1. Fed the baby
2. Fed the baby
3. Held the baby while she slept
4. Cleaned the kitchen while the baby cried
5. Fed the baby
6. Fed the baby

And now it's time to go get Jack.


Swistle said...

You cleaned the kitchen?? YOU ROCK.

Becca said...

Yuck! I remember those days SO WELL. Awesome job on the kitchen!

Krizzzz said...

Look how many times you fed the baby! You were busy. You rock.

Kelsey said...

A very young baby to fed and sooth makes your kitchen cleaning an accomplishment. My youngest is one and a half, I have no good excuse for my neglected to dos!