Thursday, January 14, 2010

I also do not give her scissors

I've been teaching Nora how to drink from a cup. I've been doing this because I sometimes have to use frozen milk to make her cereal, and whatever she doesn't consume I have to throw out. Why not a bottle? Because it is so much fun to watch her try to drink from a cup! Seriously, all you parents of babies should try it. She leans way in and bites the edge of the cup, which, now that she has two bottom teeth poking through, makes a clicking noise. I'm pretty sure that she thinks the biting is a critical step in the drinking process. And sometimes she sticks her tongue into the milk and laps it up like a cat. It is hilarious.



Yes. I use a shot glass. It's the perfect size! You will note, however, that the shot glass is made of glass, which makes the following anecdote all the better.

This morning, I told Andrew that I started giving Nora water after her solid meals because one of my baby food books says it can help with digestion, and the prunes haven't been cutting it. "I'm going to use the Maryland shot glass, then, instead of the Argentina or Hawaii ones, because we could potentially replace a broken Maryland glass," he said.

"Makes sense," I said, because Nora does tend to grab at my hands when I'm giving her a drink, so it's certainly possible to drop the glass. But then I turned around and saw that Andrew had filled a shot glass with water and just given it to the baby. He gave it to her! And walked away!

"Andrew!" I said, as I snatched it out of her hands. "You can't just give it to her!"

"Well, I thought that's what you said!" he protested.

"You thought I gave our six-month old baby a glass cup full of water and you didn't QUESTION me on that?"

Oh, you can be sure I'll be bringing this one up for WEEKS.


april said...

I would try plastic shot glasses, like these. :) Then you could give it to her and see what happens!

Erin said...

Our boys LOVE to drink out of shot glasses. We sometimes give them grapefruit juice in there, which is sorta different tasting and they are entertained for... like... 7 WHOLE MINUTES.

Joy said...

I can't decided whether to think Andrew is really trusting of you, or was asleep at the switch and simply doing what you said without giving it any thought.

Great pictures!