Saturday, June 12, 2010

A random number of quick takes

I have some thoughts rattling around in my brain, but I don't think there are seven of them. So here goes.

1. This past week was stressful to say the least, and the stress manifested itself in my dreams but my subconscious exhibits a startling lack of originality. On Monday night, I had a dream that involved public nudity, a dance performance for which I was unprepared, and a dissertation due in a week which I had not yet started. That's right: one dream, three cliches.

2. If you think that's amusing, consider that I have a recurring dream in which I am driving a car with no brakes. My subconscious may as well hold up a sign reading, "YOU FEEL AN ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE IS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL."

3. I just watched the season finale of Glee and the previouslies showed scenes of Jesse St. James returning to Vocal Adrenalin. I swear I watched all of the episodes from this season, but I don't remember that happening at all. I can only assume I fell asleep during some critical scenes. Anyone?

4. I finally got a new phone. I lost my phone at least a month ago, and we used this excuse to upgrade both our phones and sign on for a new contract. Since Andrew's Palm Pilot stopped working six or so months ago and you can't them anymore (Seriously! They're obsolete! OBSOLETE! I still consider them a new product!), he really wanted to get a smart phone because he used his Palm Pilot all the time for work. Long story short: For a few days, we were misinformed about price plans and thought we could afford to get smart phones for both of us, but we can't. Well, technically we CAN, but I can't justify spending that much money so that I can use Twitter at the mall. So Andrew got to get an awesome cool phone and I had to get a stupid boring normal phone. Which TOTALLY isn't fair since I'M the reason we're getting new phones in the first place. Shouldn't my carelessness with technology be rewarded with even better technology? I think so too.

5. Yeah, I also lost my mp3 player. Three weeks ago, I think. It VANISHED. But I'm not allowing myself to buy a new one because how will I learn?

6. Yup. There were only five.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

I am so glad to hear that Jack is ok. Hopefully the stress dreams will disappear soon.

As for Jesse St. James's return to VA - it happened at the beginning of the "Funk" episode. Remember - when they performed at the end, he and the lead female vocalist were in the audience (with all of VA), admitting that they were soulless automatons?

I have to admit - the Funk ep was NOT my fave. But the finale? So great! I cannot stop watching the Journey medley. I mean, I have loved Steve Perry since early childhood, but those arrangements were great. Plus - as my husband says - when you see Lea Michele working for some of those notes you are further amazed by Perry's vocal range.

What did you think of the ep?

nateprentice said...

iPhone4s for everybody!

Mama Bub said...

I totally missed Jesse's return also, and I would swear I haven't missed a minute of Glee. I've spent more time thinking about this than is probably healthy.

Dr. Maureen said...

Mama Bub: Right? He slipped her the tape of whatsherface, her mom, and then wasn't seen again until he lured her into the parking lot? At least, that's how I remember it.

Swistle said...

I'm always having elevator dreams: waiting for the elevator, can't figure out how to use the elevator, elevator moves way too fast, elevator goes the wrong place.