Saturday, October 2, 2010

A bunch of quick takes

1. I never noticed before, but waffle-squares are reminiscent of the holy water font at our church. I know this now because we had Belgian waffles this morning, and Nora repeatedly dipped her fingers into a waffle-square and blessed herself with maple syrup.

2. Here is photographic evidence of Nora’s and Jack’s superhero escapades that I mentioned in the last post:


3. Speaking of photographic evidence, do any of you watch 30 Rock? Remember the one where Pete got his sleeve caught in the candy machine, so he took his shirt off but somehow, his arm was still stuck in the candy machine?


That is the diaper she had been wearing when I left the room. Please note that her outfit is one-piece and snaps closed on the bottom. The snaps are not undone.

4. So long as we’re looking at cute pictures of my kids, we went to a wedding last month.


5. Guess what I was cutting with this happened to my Cutco knife?




Spacebooke said...

wow that diaper pic is a mystery. I am just getting into 30 Rock so haven't seen that one, but my god that show is hilarious.

Rah said...

The amazing diaper Houdini! Love the pictures. You probably know that Cutco knives are guaranteed for life. It is amusing that it failed on a marshmallow!

Kathleen said...

Dr. Maureen. I work in the public relations department at CUTCO Cutlery and I noticed your poor CUTCO knife. Under the Forver Guarantee you can send that knife in for replacement. Call our customer service center at 1-800-828-0448 or visit our website, to learn more.

Annie said...

Nora is wearing a pink onesie! Of course she is, I realize that this is perfectly normal. But it struck me as I was looking at that pink onesie. We have never had a pink onesie in this house.

And I love that red bowtie.

-R- said...

Your kids are super cute.

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