Friday, December 2, 2011

Nothing to update

Yes, I'm still pregnant. I had a BPP, AFI, and NST yesterday, and the baby is head down, fine, and apparently settling in for the winter. I think I saw a little TV and remote control in there during the ultrasound.

Gotta say, I was definitely hoping they were going to say, "My goodness, you're contracting and you're already at 5cm! I guess you're staying here!" but they didn't. Still, neither did they say, "My goodness, the baby is in terrible distress and we have to do a c-section right now!" so there's that.


Slim said...

Have you tried street vendor calls? "Nursing! Nuuuursing! Got nursing here!"

Elizabeth said...

If it makes you feel better (although now I'm not sure why it would but just go with it), every time I was in there for the NST they told me I was contracting and it would be "any time" and it was never "any time." so really not having contractions means nothing. You could shoot that baby out at any minute just like Maggie.

A'Dell said...

Or, you know, you could be in labor in in TOTAL DENIAL like i was for 12 hours.

Are you bouncing on a child's ball yet? No? Hrmm.

I am getting kind of antsy, which means you must be just done done done done.

This is the worst part, the WAITING and the UNCOMFORTABLENESS. I hated being overdue more than the actual labor and delivery. At least with that something was happening. Waiting is HARD.