Friday, July 13, 2012

Eye update and cute children

Thank you guys for all your sympathy about my poor angry eyes of the past week. It really does help me feel better if people feel sorry for me in my pitiful state. The new eye drops seem to be doing their job; my eyes are a million times better. They're still a little red and itchy, but nothing compared to what they were. And I did call the ophthalmologist to confirm that it was OK to still have itchy eyes after four days on the antibiotic, because I am done with messing around with the wrong prescription, thank you.

But I don't like leaving that post up with the horrifying eye photo, so I'm going to instead put up adorable photos of my adorable children. By the by, my two older adorable children had a fight yesterday about whether it is called "pumpernickel" or "pumpernickel BREAD." An actual fight. I wouldn't have cared, but they were having the fight in front of the baby's bedroom door while I was trying to put her down for a nap, so I was unable to yell, "IT DOESN'T MATTER YOU ARE BOTH RIGHT!" Anyway, here they are, looking angelic and stuff:

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 Ann Marie learned how to play, "How big is Ann Marie?" this week*, and I am so happy about it.

She also turned seven months old last week. She might end up being the only kid to get all twelve monthly shots, but we shouldn't count our chickens as there are still five months to go.

 I am so lucky.

*Soooooo big!


Diane said...

I knew Ann Marie was cute, but you've been holding out on us. Are you kidding me with that 7 month picture? And the SO BIG? SHE IS DELICIOUS.

The other two are as adorable as ever.

A'Dell said...

HA HA. I love AM's face in that last picture. "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF FAMILY HAVE I BEEN BORN INTO?"

Katie K said...

I felt sorry for your eye and still do, I was just too tired to remember how to comment. :(

Also, Norah is SO BIG! OMG. She was like, a miniature person last time I saw her...I am in disbelief! And AM is adorable. What a beautiful family. And I second A'Dell's comment about AM's face in the last pic. hahahaha. :)

Jessica said...

Glad your eyes are getting better!

Our kids never really went for 'so big.' They were more into peek a boo. Ann Marie is darling.