Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kitchen Time Management

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I used to be a pretty terrible cook. I could bake with reasonable capability, but cooking was a mystery to me. I think this is because baking requires close adherence to a recipe whereas the best cooking is spontaneous. And I am not spontaneous. I once took an entire month to plan a weekend trip in Florida and thought I was being crazily spur-of-the-moment.

Over the past four years, however, my cooking has improved approximately ten-thousand-fold. Where I once used to be amazed at Andrew’s ability to look at what food we had in the kitchen and then just make something up for dinner, I now find myself throwing together our fresh-from-the-farm-share vegetables in surprising new combinations. Wait, that makes me sound super obnoxious. The combinations aren’t really all that surprising. But I’ve come a long way and dinner is usually a tasty affair appreciated by at least two, sometimes even three out of four members of the household!



Heather R said...

So I'm not the only genius that thought of these things? :) I have been doing the meal planning before shopping thing since before kids, but I tell you, it's my LEAST favorite "chore"...coming up with meal ideas.
The word verification is "pymple" seriously??

nateprentice said...

I can boil water...

Kelsey said...

The eggs into a bowl trick is good for when your five-year-old wants to crack the eggs. I think I was twelve (at least) before my mother let me crack eggs - she didn't prefer kitchen "helpers" - so I think it is awesome that there is a relatively painless way for kids to help sooner.