Thursday, March 1, 2012

Am I a Catholic?

Jack just asked me if he's a Catholic. I told him he was, and tried to start a conversation about baptism and confirmation and being raised Catholic when he interrupted to ask "What's a 'Public'?"


"Oh, 'publics' are kids whose parents don't really love them," I said.

No, of course I didn't. Instead I tried to explain the separation of church and state at a five-year-old's level, and then rerouted the conversation back to baptism vs. confirmation, and how and when we choose to remain Catholic if we have been baptized as babies.

"I don't want to be Catholic," he whined at me.

"Really? Why not?"

"Because I want to see the whole construction," he said.

This will make more sense to you if I explain that we got a notice yesterday informing us that a road construction project is slated to begin next week and is going to last until the end of September. It's going to be a "full depth road construction" and work will occur from 7:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Most of the work will be done in front of the - public - school complex; hence, Jack's desire to become a "public."

In other news, this summer should be super super fun! I cannot wait to put two kids down for a nap during the jackhammering! EVERY DAY! (crazy-eyed expression)