Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skunk update

Does anyone remember how there was a skunk living under our shed in the backyard? Oh, wait, a quick search indicates I didn’t actually blog about that, only tweeted. Well here’s the story: This summer, we discovered that a skunk was living under the shed in our backyard. I had actually been suspecting this for several summers now, but I chose ignorance and never actually investigated. But then this happened:


We immediately took the following proactive steps:

1.       Posted a photo on twitter
2.       Fretted
3.       Googled “get rid of skunks”
4.       Put down flour at the entrance/exit to the under-shed paradise (to watch for footprints)
5.       Forgot to look for footprints before it rained
6.       Talked a lot of smack about buying a light to shine under there
7.       Called the city, were told it’s not their problem but be advised we have to KILL it, we are not allowed to catch and release it
8.       Called the pest-control guy recommended by the city, were told it would cost “$150 and up”
9.       Became concerned about the “and up” part
10.   Called our regular pest-control guy, were told it would cost $495
11.   Discussed the costs and labor involved in preventing skunk access to the shed – agreed it sounds like an awful lot of work
12.   Discussed the logistics of just agreeing to live in peace with the skunk which is, after all, nocturnal
13.   Put down more flour
14.   Checked for footprints but never saw any at all
15.   Sprayed some “Critter Ridder,” given to us by my in-laws, all over the yard
16.   Bought some mothballs for $5.37
17.   Left them on the stairs for several days
18.   Finally tossed some mothballs under the shed
19.   Was told by Andrew that the entrance the skunk was using was in the BACK of the shed, not on the side, so all the flour I was putting down was in the wrong place entirely
20.   Crossed our fingers

Thanks to our quick and decisive action, we believe we have successfully eradicated the skunk based on the fact that we never smelled it again after putting down the Critter Ridder. The flour never told us anything, not even after I sprinkled it near the actual entrance the skunk was using - or at least what we think the skunk was using - so we don’t have any actual evidence. But I’m sure it’s totally fine now.  


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Are you ready for this?

First of all, do remember when Nora used to move like this?

Stuck scoocher from Maureen on Vimeo.

At the time, I thought she was just expressing her individuality. But then Ann Marie started using exactly the same technique, so now I think it's me. I'm working with the theory that it's because I spend so much time in the kitchen with its hard floor that I never give the babies any tummy time. Whatever the reason, it remains hilarious.

You know what else is hilarious? How much all three of my kids like the song "Are you ready for this?" Jack got a musical card for his birthday, and I've since bought the single.

But please note above that I said all three of my kids love it, because here is a video of Ann Marie dancing to it, with bonus skooching.

MVI 4153 from Maureen on Vimeo.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Very Model of a Modern Major General

Miriel told Twitter today that she needs a mnemonic for remembering the order in which the states ratified the Constitution, and asked if someone would write it into a song for her. This was obviously a challenge I had to accept.

Many thanks to Angela for suggesting Gilbert and Sullivan's "Modern Major General" as the song. And many thanks to the internet for containing many facts with the appropriate, or nearly appropriate, number of syllables.

And so, without further ado - except to say that I wrote this pretty fast whereas I bet Gilbert and Sullivan worked on theirs for many weeks -I present to you:

The Ratification of the Constitution

First Delaware, he snuck across the river and he signed it,
So Pennsylvania signed it next; that's not how they designed it.
Then up to Jersey where they liked it better than the Articles,
And then to Georgia to be signed by all of Georgia's particles,

The Yankees in Connecticut signed up to be State Number Five,
In Massachusetts, Hancock swayed the vote, suggesting Bill of Rights.
Then Maryland was next to vote adoption of the document,
And then South Carolina followed suit despite all being drunk.

New Hampshire as the ninth to sign secured the doc's legality,
But nonetheless Virginia signed and not just as formality.
And then New York, where Hamilton debated a Melancton Smith,
North Carolina, twelfth to sign, came adding to the monolith.

And so at last we reach Rhode Island which became the thirteenth state,
That is a fact so please do not attempt to give me a debate,
This was the order that the states joined up to form the new country,
I hope this song will help you learn the facts of this great history!