Sunday, October 14, 2012



On Friday, I found a surprise package in my mailbox from Jessica. I was so excited! Fun Mail Day! But when I opened it, I found 1) A card and 2) Nothing else.

Upon reading the card, I discovered that Jessica had sent me delicious cookies handily prepackaged in a freezer bag for easy freezing. Had she not included a card explaining this I would have had no idea, because inside the box there were no cookies to be found. But here’s the thing: I had to cut through tape on every side of the box in order to open it. There is no way a freezer bag full of cookies just slipped out through a crack.

So it seems there is a cookie thief out there in the post office. I think it was an inside job, because why else would the cookie thief reseal the box? Why not just… take the box? Was the cookie thief taunting me by making sure I got the card? Should I interpret the resealing of the box as someone saying, “Ha ha! I ate your cookies!” Or was the cookie thief just afraid that if the discarded box was discovered in the post office trash barrel, then the whole cookie-thieving-ring would be discovered and brought to justice?

I don’t know, but I could really use a cookie.