Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kitchen: Before

Here they are, the shots of our kitchen. I did not clean up the clutter before taking the pictures because that will just make the contrast with the “after” pictures that much more exciting! It’s not at all because that’s just how we normally live *.

View upon entering the kitchen from the dining room. Note the massive size of the room. Also note the serious lack of counters. (For reference, the door to the “outside pantry” is all the way in the back left, next to the refrigerator.)

View upon entering the kitchen from our bedroom. Note the two 63-inch windows which go a long way towards explaining the serious lack of counters. Further note that the kitchen clock is hanging below the cabinet on hardware meant to hold a curtain rod, because that is where we put it temporarily when we moved in.

View upon entering the kitchen from the outside pantry. The door to the “inside pantry” (the one rearranged during the Bathroom Remodel) is just to the right of the china hutch. The door to the dining room is immediately to the left of the cabinets.

View into the inside pantry that was supposed to highlight the contrast between the newer pantry and the kitchen but didn’t really come out like I had hoped because the inside pantry still looks a mess from here and can someone please tell me why we have so much random stuff on our china hutch? Oh right, NO COUNTER SPACE. That, and laziness.

Taking pictures of your house is like having guests over. It gives you a whole new perspective on just how messy everything actually is. I cut myself some slack with the kitchen though, because it’s so horrible that there is a definite feeling of “Why bother?” with all our stuff. What is the point of arranging the tchotchkes on top of the china hutch just so when the walls look like this?

Close up of behind the stove. I KNOW.

I’ll tell you what, though, that “Why bother?” attitude can come back to bite you, because if you don’t get curtains, hang pictures, or even find a place to hang the clock because you’re planning to remodel any second now, before you know it, two and a half years have gone by and the fact that the kitchen clock is hanging on window hardware seems normal to you.

*Note of self-defense: Part of the mess is due to the fact I almost forgot to take “before” pictures and we were actually in the middle of taking down the first set of cabinets when I remembered.


Becca said...

It's such a big room! You have a lot to work with. What is an "outside pantry"? It's going to look great when they are done.

Anonymous said...

This pantry stuff is confusing. I mean, I know what you're talking about with the inside pantry, but only because I was around when you remodeled it.

I am so jealous of how much space that is though. We don't have a pantry, much less a closet, for our crap.

Did you pick a paint color for the room??? Also: I SPOT IKEA.