Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yes, we have two pantries

Update: Emily informs me that the generosity has been overwhelming. The internet rocks. Now back to our regularly scheduled whining about trivialities.

There has been some confusion about the "outside" and inside pantries in our kitchen, so I have put together the following floor plan for your enlightenment, because I am nothing if not helpful. Well, that and Andrew actually made this a long time ago when we redid the bathroom.

floor plan jpg 1

In the original floor plan, our bathroom and inside pantry were both rectangular and the same size. During the renovation, we broke through the wall between them and made the bathroom into the L-shape you see on the current floor plan. It is approximately 10,000 times better.

The so-called “outside pantry” is really just an unheated room from which we can access the attic, but it is an unheated room with shelves in it. Hence: pantry. There also used to be access to the first floor apartment there, but as it would be weird to have a staircase connecting our apartment to our tenant’s, and as our bedroom closet was terrible and the downstairs back bedroom had no closet at all, we threw down a floor and threw up some walls and made a bunch of closets*. Much better all around. See, look:

Old bedroom closet

New bedroom closet

The new closet is better because, unlike the old closet, it can hold more than five outfits. Not that I have more than five outfits.

I’m not going to post any actual pictures of the outside pantry, because the layout is such that I can’t get in a position to take a picture of the whole thing at once, and splitting it into two pictures defeats the purpose because there is no sense of scale that way. It doesn’t matter anyway, as we are not currently renovating the outside pantry, so suffice it to say it’s a kind of dingy room with shelves, a closet, and a crappy storage cabinet. Eventually, Andrew is going to build a new storage unit, and in the meantime we just keep the door shut.

*Andrew would like me to note that by “we” I actually mean “Andrew and his dad.” He was amused by the blasé tone I am using to describe the closet construction, but it’s just that the entire process was very easy and painless for me.

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