Monday, May 5, 2008

I knew there would be delays

Jesus felt bad that we would be sitting around our half-walled, floorless and doorless kitchen for up to two weeks, and said that maybe they could put the floor in before the doors after all. “Sweet!” we said, and moved Jesus up a number on our speed dial. They were able to start on Thursday, so we had to be out of the house until Saturday afternoon at the earliest to give the varnish time to dry. But because we were going to a wedding on Saturday night and Andrew’s parents were already planning to babysit for us, we just stayed at their house until Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon we were understandably itching to get home and see the shiny new floor. And it was beautiful! And shiny! Very shiny! And…wait, is it extra shiny there in the middle?

Yes, pools of varnish. Stupid old house with its stupid slanty floors.

But Jesus came through for us and told the floor guys they would not be getting any money until they fixed it. As such, I am typing this at my in-laws’ house because they hot-footed it over to our house today and we’re not allowed to walk on the floor until tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll post some pictures when I get home to my charger. I actually have a couple of non-kitchen related pictures I was going to post this weekend, but the battery – she is dead.

Trust me, though, the new kitchen will be so worth the wait.

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