Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reorganizing the china closet

I hate registries, so when Andrew and I got married, we only registered for china and crystal.

We got them.

50 wine glasses

While discussing the new arrangement of stuff in the china closet, I asked Andrew if he thought it would look better with something behind the wine glasses. “But the wine glasses are behind the wine glasses,” he said.


Arwen said...

We have eight settings of Waterford in our pattern (Kildare) - water goblets, white wine, and red wine glasses. We also have a foursome of beautiful huge thin Waterford wine glasses that Bryan's uncle sent us for Christmas. I thought we had a lot of crystal.

I clearly did not know what I was talking about. Good luck with organizing all that!

Becca said...

Ooh, you should have a fancy party! Good luck with your huge project! You are braver than me, by the way, doing that with a toddler in the house! :)

Lindsay said...

How does one wash fancy crystal? I get scared washing our WalMart wine glasses that it will break everywhere. And that stuff (mine I mean) is worthless.

Tracy said...

that's a lot of glasses/china!

good luck and kudos for your bravery!