Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photo cop out

No words today. Just pictures.

Nap Head
We call this "Nap Head."

Haircut and bathrobe
But now that he got his hair cut, "Nap Head" is no more. Sob. Still, he does wear a bathrobe.

Double fisting
One is chocolate, one is plain.


Anonymous said...

Boo for haircuts. That adorable baby hair, just GONE! This is why I am glad I have a girl - we can just let her hair grow.

Camilla and Jack have pretty much the same hair, except hers is a couple shades darker, and hers looks like Jack's "nap-head" all the time. (See the picture in my blog entry 09/17.)

We need pictures of Jack more often! He is such a cutie.

AJU5's Mom said...

I love the mixing of beverages!

Becca said...

Charlie LIVES with nap head. I got him a haircut yesterday and he doesn't look quite as much like Garfunkel now, but it's close. LOVE the bathrobe. We might need one of those for Charlie.

Swistle said...

Look at Mr. Man, sitting at the table in his robe and haircut! I practically expect to see a cup of coffee and a newspaper there with his doughnut!