Monday, January 26, 2009

Pregnancy: It’s not as awful now

Just as I knew I would, I have joined the ranks of moms who take far fewer photos of their second (and third and fourth and fifth and sixth – TRUST ME when I tell you there are very few photos of the sixth baby) than their first. And we start even before the new baby is born by failing to take any belly shots until the eighteenth week.

18 weeks
Exactly nineteen weeks

18 weeks and a haircut
Nineteen weeks and 1 day, plus a new haircut

Yes, I also got a haircut. I’m pretty happy about it, because it was overdue by about seven months. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t had a haircut in at least nine months. The hairdresser, thinking that I was enamored with long hair despite it’s unkempt, scraggly appearance, was conservative in her snipping and I had to ask her to go even shorter. BLESSED RELIEF.

But back to the pregnancy and how it’s not as awful anymore. The nausea is gone, and that is a blessed relief if there ever was one. Currently, my only symptoms are sciatica, the inability to stay awake past 8:30pm (this is possibly a symptom of having a two-year-old), a mild discomfort from my stiffening, growing belly, and the totally cool and reassuring yet simultaneously annoying swoosh swoosh roll poke of the baby girl currently residing in there.

Oh! Did I not mention? It’s a girl! Yup. We found out this time because neither Andrew nor I felt that the discovery added anything to the event of Jack’s birth. I don’t mean, of course, that we were disappointed that Jack was a boy, I just mean that with so much going on and the immense relief of being done, that we would have been thrilled if they had said he was a penguin.

So this time, we wanted to know what sorts of clothes to buy*, and whether or not there will eventually be a problem with the fact that they are going to be sharing a bedroom. But I figure we have at least six or seven years before that matters, so, meh.

In other news, unrelated but for the fact it is going to snow AGAIN on Wednesday, leaving me and my pregnant self all alone to deal with it**, Andrew is away on a business trip until FRIDAY. He left at 4:00 this morning and will not be home until midnight this Friday. Pray for me.

*Translation: We wanted to know which sorts of clothes my siblings should set aside for us, because with eleven nieces and nephews, I try not to buy too many clothes at all.

**I plan to deal with it by hiring the neighbor kid. I already have to take the trash out all by myself, you expect me to shovel snow too? I AM PREGNANT. Cut me some slack.


AJU5's Mom said...

I LOVE the new hair cut! It looks great!

Also, I agree with you on pregnancy - the first 18-19 weeks of my last one were bad (minus two good weeks between 16 and 18), but then I kind of liked being pregnant after that!

Becca said...

You look fantastic! No shoveling snow! Hire neighbor kid!

Yay! A girl!!!! How exciting!

Bethtastic said...

Your new haircut rocks! Love it.

And many congratulations on the baby girl. Having one of each has really been fun for us - hope it is for you, too!
Here's praying for a safe 22 weeks more...or a couple less ;).

Swistle said...

1. Love the haircut!

2. Yay for girls!

3. Love the title.

Anonymous said...

You are one hawt pregnant lady.

Yay girl! In my world, everyone is getting one of each. And that way we can all be annoyed when everyone says "Oh, now you're DONE!" Not that you are thinking about child #3. Or #4. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT? Okay. I think I had too much wine with dinner. Ending comment now.

Anonymous said...

You look great, and the new haircut looks great! I can't believe you are so far along in your pregnancy already. Other people's pregnancies always pass so quickly.

And hey, a girl! Girls totally rock! I also think it's pretty cool that you, Maggie, Emily, and I have all ended up with one of each.

Just like you, we didn't find out the sex the first time, but found it out the second time. I completely agree - the moment right after the baby is born doesn't need any extra surprises to make it special. It was just as great this time around. And I really liked knowing the sex of the baby for all those months; it made me feel more connected to him, somehow.

I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

You look a lot like mom in these pictures. Especially the one with the new haircut.