Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's not talk about pregnancy

I’ve been going on about pregnancy so much lately that I’ve started to bore myself. So let’s change the subject, shall we? Instead of listening to me whinge about my poor aching back and squished organs, let’s all make fun of my pre-adolescent self.

Did I ever tell you about The Movie? Why, I don’t believe I did. Back in the day, my sister, my two cousins and I decided to write a movie. At the time, I was ten, my cousins were eleven and twelve, and my sister was thirteen. The four of us used to play together all the time, but were at the start of a somewhat awkward era wherein I still wanted to play pretend games but my sister had moved on to more teenager-y things like an obsession with The Outsiders. Our cousins were of two minds. So as a compromise, we decided to write a movie. How was this a compromise you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: Because our particular style of “writing” was to act out the scenes (or, as some might say, “make pretend”) and then write down what we said. It was much more efficient that way, even if we sometimes forgot to do the writing down part.

While we fully intended to actually produce this movie, we were realistic. We knew that we were young and it would probably take us a few years to get a final draft, so we planned to ask our school’s eighth grade teacher to edit it for us when I was in the eighth grade, in four years. (My sister was in the eighth grade at the plan’s inception.)

So once we decided to write this thing, we got right down to business and developed the cast list. The four main characters would naturally be played by us, but here’s a sampling of the rest of the cast:
Matt Dillon
Patrick Swayze
C. Thomas Howell
Ralph Macchio
Rob Lowe
Most of the rest of the cast of The Outsiders
Johnny Depp
Holly Robinson
That other guy who was on 21 Jump Street

(Why yes, we were writing this in the late eighties, why do you ask?)

The next step was to come up with a plot, and it was a good one. The theme would be drunk driving. (We were against it.) The four main characters were named Carolyn (me), Vicki (my cousin), Kim (my cousin), and Kasey (my sister). The premise was that Carolyn, whose nickname is “Crayon”, Vicki and Kim are juniors in a high school and also members of a band called “The Dreamers” whose singer just quit. (Also, for what it’s worth, a band whose set list is suspiciously identical to the Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat.) Kasey transfers to the school, makes friends, and – what a coincidence – is a singer!

And with this cliffhanger – Will Kasey join the band? Will Kasey start dating Carolyn’s brother, played by C. Thomas Howell? Will we learn the origin of Carolyn’s SUPER COOL nickname? – I will leave the story for now. It’s been a long long day. But never fear, I will be back to answer all your burning questions.

Oh, and last week I took a belly shot of me at 28 weeks.

28 weeks
Mr. Pickles in the house!


Sleen said...

Where are you hiding that baby?!?! I'm just a couple of weeks ahead of you and I am as big as a house!

Sleen said...

p.s. You look great! Didn't mean to sound bitter :D

Dr. Maureen said...

Thanks, Sleen. I think I am storing the baby ON MY LUNGS. Wheeze. Also, I think I'm probably significantly bigger this week. I sure feel it.

Swistle said...

HA HA HA HA HA! Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pickles makes an excellent accessory.

As someone who was also obsessed with the Outsiders ("Stay gold, Ponyboy!") I would have LOVED your movie.

Whimsy said...

Aren't you the CUTEST!!!!

I saw some of Mr. Pickles' cousins, the various Mr. Pickles, at the craft store yesterday and thought of you. When I loudly exclaimed IT'S MR. PICKLES AND HIS COUSINS, MR. PICKLES, the checkout girl was very confused.

Kristi said...

I seriously want to hear the rest of this movie. It sounds like a total blockbuster to me.