Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always very curious.

OK, so I know I’ve written about Curious George before, about how the actual people in the George’s universe show an inexplicable level of trust for a monkey, albeit an intelligent one. But I couldn’t leave the episode of Curious George entitled “Chasing Rainbows” alone without at least commenting on it. In this episode, you see, the man with the yellow hat takes Steve and Betsy, George’s friends from the city, on a trip to his house in the country. Steve and Betsy have never been out of the city before, but about ten minutes after they arrive, the man with the yellow hat takes George, Steve and Betsy out to the woods for a hike. “It looks like it might start raining,” the man tells them, “so if it rains too hard, just come home. George knows the way.” And then he drops them off. In the woods. Where they’ve never been before and with absolutely zero hiking experience.

But why should they worry, right? The monkey knows the way.

I don’t know, Andrew and I both happened to be watching this one with Jack, and yes, we realize it’s a cartoon, but we couldn’t let that one slide. It was as bad as the woman who owned the candy counter and left George in charge of it. He’s a monkey. He’s a monkey who follows direction poorly. OK, he’s an advanced monkey who doesn’t throw poop, but still. MONKEY.


Jenny Grace said...

I think he follows direction rather well. For a monkey.

Kelsey said...

I LOVE Curious George and his cartoons - but he really could give kids some bad ideas!

Swistle said...

Yeah, I don't think the between-episodes "George is a monkey, so he can do things you can't do" is enough to balance out THE EPISODES.

And, like, today? He bought 100 dozen doughnuts? And the only concern was what they were going to do with all those doughnuts. HELLO, that is like SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS WORTH OF DOUGHNUTS. Not really an "Oh, George, chuckle chuckle" situation.

Dr. Maureen said...

Swistle, Jack was asking for that one this morning! "I want George to buy donuts," he said.

You know what one he doesn't ever want to see again? The one with the worm racing and the recycling contest. Our local PBS stations have shown that one SO MANY TIMES that my TWO-YEAR-OLD is sick of it. Two-year-olds are known for their ability to read the same book 47238889 times in a row, so that is a lot of showings, believe you me.