Monday, August 17, 2009

Sticker charts: Socially condoned child-bribing

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Jack is almost three. (Insert your own “where-did-my-baby-go” comments here.) He’ll be three in October, just over two months from now but, aside from one successful peeing incident three months ago and a couple of earnest attempts, there has been no progress on the potty-training front. If anything, there has been backsliding, because Jack expresses a total lack of interest where he used to consent at least to sitting on the potty and/or toilet to see if anything would come out.

I have to admit that we were not trying that hard either, especially as my pregnancy progressed and I got larger and less able to deal with… anything. By eight months, I was lucky to make it through the day, so I was not about to fight with a small person about sitting on a toilet seat.

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Anonymous said...

Little boys just have no interest in potty training. Why is that???? For a little girl...ya know let her be in wet 'big girl panties' for 10 min and the whole world might come to an end...but a little boy could spend all day wet and not even give it a thought...cause pottying might just interfere with the cars they are playing...or the tree they are attempting to climb (as my brother did at age three...). Boys are just so odd!