Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school

So Jack went to pre-school today. It was incredibly surreal to leave him there, wide-eyed and mildly freaked out, with a bunch of strangers. But it was FANTASTIC to have the morning essentially to myself, and, although I couldn't banish the worry entirely, I knew he would love it. And he did. He was all smiles when I picked him up, and he sang me two new songs and said they read a book about monsters.

Sadly, despite the enforced rest period, he declined to take a nap and spent the rest of the afternoon finding new and ingenious ways to get on my VERY LAST NERVE. I knew it was because he was exhausted but too wound up from the new experience to sleep, but still. I am only human, and told Andrew when he finally arrived home a hundred million years later that HE would be putting the child to bed tonight.

Of course, that was before Jack put himself to bed at 6:00. In his clothes. Well, in his shirt, because he goes pantsless in the house these days thanks to the potty training.

And so I give you the following photo essay: September Days.

First party dress

Potty time

Tummy time

If SHE gets tummy time, I get tummy time

OK, you are both forgiven

Which brings us to the First Day Of School Jig:




I would also like to note that these size 3T pants I bought him, along with all the other 3T pants I bought him to replace the far too short size 2T pants, are all too long and also fall right off his non-existent butt if he's not wearing a diaper. Since the plan is for him to stop wearing diapers in the very near future, I guess I will be repurchasing his fall wardrobe. Sigh.


Becca said...

He looks so grown up! Love the jeans. Someday we will wear jeans here. Maybe. If one day it's not three million degrees.

Anonymous said...

OMG those are some cute children. We have the same problems with pants for my almost 3 yr old. 18 month are way too short, but the waist is perfect. I have to cinch the bejuzus out of the 2Ts and roll them up to her knees practically. Oh well.

Love, love, love the first party dress picture!

Clare Norcio said...

My son is tall and super super skinny too. He's 5, and is still wearing 3T shorts. For pants, I've found that LLBean's has stuff that fits him b/c they have an adjustable elastic waistband (like maternity pants) and Land's End has slim pants that fit him around the waist and are long enough in the legs. Expensive, yeah, but check their overstocks page for good sales.

And your children are darling!!

nicole said...

You need Dapper Snappers!

My oldest son will be six in two weeks and weighs 35 pounds. Pants have been falling off of him for ages. But he is pretty average for height. Dapper Snappers saved my life! They are elastic bands with snaps on them that you thread through the back belt loops on pants, kind of like a belt but only in the back. With those, plus adjustable waists, we can buy pants anywhere. Well worth the 25 bucks for 3 of them, and my younger son uses them too.