Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not bored!

Yesterday my mom called me and said, "Those pictures of Nora are adorable! But you sound kind of... bored with her."

"What?" I said. "No I don't!" And then I reread what I wrote and, hey! Look at that! I sound totally bored with her!


So of course I had to set the record straight. I mean, how could ANYONE be bored with this face?


When I said that Nora's milestones are dull, I meant they are dull for OTHER people. Mostly people with no kids. Everyone can understand why, say, the first steps are big news, but it is not until you have kids that you can understand how very exciting the ability to sort of bat at dangling objects can be. Really! When I first noticed Nora doing it, I was all, "Hey, Andrew! Look! She's trying to hit the toy!" It really is pretty cool to watch these small bundles of screaming, sleepy need turn into actual human beings with real personalities, and batting at dangling objects is a step in that direction.

Plus, you know, there are the smiles to keep things interesting.


So, for the record, Nora is far from boring. I love seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, and feeling her soft little body relax into mine when she gets sleepy. And I love watching her bat at things. And stuff her fist in her mouth, which, incidentally, is another milestone, because she can do it AT WILL.


She wills it quite often.



Tracy said...

for what it's worth, I didn't think you sounded bored with her - but that yes, the 3 mo old milestones aren't all that impressive on the face of it (though when you do think about what it has taken for them to get to that point, from a tiny little zygote about a year earlier to that precious little baby who can put her fist in her mouth at will - wow, that's incredible!).

I meant to comment on the last post - I'm always amazed at how much babies change, and how quickly. while I could have picked her and Jack out as siblings, now they REALLY look a lot alike.

Anne said...

I knew what you meant....but I also knew why you weren't committing paragraphs to the milestone of stuffing a fist in one's mouth. Call it new-baby-censoring, all mommies do it.

And I ADORE her leg warmers. Those are too stinking cute, and so is Nora.

Katie K said...

Awww. We love Nora! A little bundle of cute, and of course you're not bored...tired, maybe, but not bored. :)

Karl and I should like, babysit for you guys some night. It would be fun to play with your kids for a night. :)

Kelsey said...

Ah I struggle with that in my blog sometimes because I'm totally aware that what is interesting and fascinating to ME (with regards to my kids) is often totally snooze-inducing to other people.

BUT I'm all for any post that brings more adorable pictures of Nora. So hooray for this post.

Swistle said...

1. I totally knew what you meant!

2. She looks so much like Jack to me. Does she look like him to you?