Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So, how goes the potty training?

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Eh, mezzo mezzo. You might recall my last post wherein I described an elaborate plan involving stickers and trucks and hopes of said trucks inspiring an attitude of eager willingness. Well that didn’t work out quite like I had planned.

In the first place, we had devised too complicated of a rewards program wherein Jack would get one sticker for peeing in the potty, two for pooping, and one sticker at the end of the day if he had tried to go on the potty every time we asked him to. And then, when the line of stickers reached all the way across the chart to the picture of the truck, he’d get the backhoe loader! But here’s the problem: YOU probably don’t even understand that last rule. I originally came up with it because I was trying to ensure a steady progress towards the truck. I thought that if he didn’t get stickers fast enough, he’d lose interest in the sticker chart and forget about the truck, but I was also worried that if I gave him a sticker every time he tried the potty, he’d just “try” until he earned the truck and then stop.

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Heather R said...

Our potty travels all over the house and is often in the kitchen or living room. When I nurse Sawyer down for his naps, Amelia sits on her potty in my bedroom while watching TV. I sit in Sawyer's room across the hall just hoping she doesn't get off the potty and onto my bed before I wipe her....yeah. Potty's all trial and error and it's all pretty gross.