Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three. Three!

I am very tired. So this is what you get.


My boy turned three. Three! The bad news, as far as Jack is concerned: He has to give up the bink. But there is good news! For example, he gets to go sledding down a HILL this year! You can't do THAT when you're two. And of course, there were presents to console him. Presents and two totally kick-ass cakes, made by yours truly:


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, I did teach myself to do that. I did have a book, though. And, happily, Peep and Chirp are made of circles and triangles, so, honestly, they are not all that difficult to draw. You will notice a lack of Quack, who is oval and therefore I can't bake him. Oh, and Chirp should technically be red, but there is a limit to the amount of red food coloring I am willing to add, and that limit is dark pink. (For the uninitiated, these are characters from Peep and the Big Wide World which is Jack's current favorite show and mine too. It's just about the cutest show on earth.)

I'm insanely pleased with myself for making these cakes, and Jack warmed the cockles of my heart by telling me that his favorite part of the birthday was the Peep cake. So it was worth it. And also fun!

Nora was also at the party, but this is a picture from this morning, at four months exactly:

Nora 4 months

Four months is the age where they just smile all the time. Well, when they're not crying, but you get the drift. Not to brag or anything, but lordy, but I have cute kids.


Swistle said...

Cute cakes, cute kids, SO MUCH CUTE!

Our pediatrician says 4 months is his favorite age.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Peep cake!!! Surely that qualifies you for Mother of the Year, right?

That baby girl is deliciously adorable! & getting so big.

Carrie said...

Your kids are cute! And I agree about 4 months old- mine is almost 5 months old and this age is great!

Lizzie said...

Nice work on those cakes, girl. And the kids, they don't seem half bad either! I love how you minimized the bink by talking about sledding - that totally sounds like something I'd do.

Becca said...

You do have cute kids!!

LOVE the cakes. LOVE 'EM! I love how hard Jack is concentrating in his candle picture. Cutiepie!

Katie K said...

Those cakes are Awesome! And Jack is WAY better at blowing out candles than I am. Of course, I had 25 to blow out, but I got two tries and each took several breaths. dear me.

you do have very cute kids!

AJU5's Mom said...

Way to go on the cakes. For frosting color, I recommend the Wilton stuff - you can actually get red that way (almost impossible with food coloring).

And your kids are very cute. 4 months is a fun age because they aren't mobile yet but you can play with them!

Kelsey said...

The cakes are great and the kids, so cute!

I can't believe how much she looks like you!