Friday, November 13, 2009

As if things weren't bad enough

On a recent episode of Clifford, Jenna was hoping to go on a trip to Hawaii with Emily Elizabeth, something Jack mentioned as he was heading to the potty to check for pee. "Daddy and I went to Hawaii once," I told him. "Do you want to look at the pictures while you check for pee?"

I said this to avoid having to build him a marble run while he sat on the potty, because, Lord a'mighty, my life these days seems to consist solely of begging that child to sit down on the potty and then begging him to get off once he's through, and the marble run doesn't seem to be helping matters on fight number two. I think maybe he thinks that I'll only allow him to play with the marble run while pooping.

But anyway. Photos.

So we looked at the photo album I made of our honeymoon in Hawaii. "Who's that, Mommy?"

"That's Daddy!"

"And who's that?"

"That's Mommy!"

And so it went, until we got to two shots of us on top of Mt. Haleakala, one of Andrew and then one of me. Now, I feel I should preface this by telling you that it was REALLY COLD AND WINDY up there, and I had my hair tied back and a boxy sweater and sunglasses. The sweater! It was boxy!

"That's my Daddy," said Jack, pointing to the shot of Andrew. "And that's someone else's daddy," he said.

I'll let you figure out who he was pointing to that time.


Fran said...

Totally no comment on the pointing!! And I had very similar issues with our oldest and the potty. He still at age 9) will be in there forever because he either takes a book or an armful of toys with him. When he was still in taining, we used treats as a reward and read to him while he tried to go. Pretty soon we realized how he was conning us by waiting until the book was over to tell us he didn't have to go, or by going just enough and getting his treat, only to go again about an hour later. Hang in there!!

Erin said...

Too funny. My three-year-old told me this week, "Mommy, you are OLD like Grandma."

Gee, I wonder what caused me to age so fast?

Becca said...

Oh NO! That is funny. GL with the potty business. They are stubborn creatures aren't they?