Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Methinks he is not telling the whole truth

On Halloween, Jack said to me, "Look, Mom! The moon!" Then he said, "The moon looks bright because the sun is shining on it, even though we can't see it."

"That's right, Jack!" I said. I was surprised, though, because I hadn't told him that. I'm still getting used to the new reality that preschool has brought wherein he goes and LEARNS stuff when I am not around. It's bizarre. But I'm willing to bed that this tidbit was imparted by his grandpa, who is a bit of an astronomy nut. So I checked. "Who told you that, Jack?"

"No one, I figured it out by myself."

NOW do you believe he's a supergenius? Three years old, and already deducing basic astronomy principles! I'm so proud.


Becca said...

That is so cool! Charlie will tell you that the sun goes to China at night. We told him that. I used China as an example of "the other side of the world" because we had just had friends visit from China and I thought it would be relatable.

Lauren said...

My three-year-old supergenius learned the same bit of information from Blue's Clues. Maybe she'll be an astronaut!