Friday, January 8, 2010

Three-year-olds: A PSA

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One of my nephews – I think I call him “Elfin Nephew” – has an oppositional personality. Fortunately, his mother happens to be a family therapist and knows how to deal with oppositional children, and we’ve witnessed her spending the last six years saying things like, “Oh, you can’t get dressed in five minutes. No way. It’s too hard.” Jack, however, is not oppositional. We were always able to get him to do stuff by issuing the challenge and assuming he CAN do it, and, for the first three years of his life, that worked. OK, so really for the last year and a half; we didn’t issue him many challenges when he was a newborn, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Try having Jack teach you how to get ready in 10 sec. If he says no races think out loud "I know Jack did this last week. I wish I could get my hat and coat on in 10 sec." Maybe give yourself 20s though he may not count as slowly as you do for him. Or you could ask him to see if he will time you to see how fast you can do it. Pinkalicious doesn't like races either but she loves being helpful.