Sunday, March 7, 2010

I don't have a baby book

There are some things about Nora that I want to remember. For example, she's started waving for real and it's about the cutest thing you ever saw, particularly when it's accompanied by a breathy little "Haaahhhhh dah!" She does it so carefully, too, holding up her little hand and arranging it just so and then flapping her fingers all the way open and all the way closed.

She gives full body hugs and shakes her head back and forth when she wants an Eskimo kiss. She tried out the swing at the park for the first time today and screamed with delighted joy for the entire ride.

And have I told you that Nora is mobile? Oh yes. But she's not crawling. No, Nora skooches. From a sitting position, she leans forward and uses her hands to pull her butt forward. She's getting really good at it. On the hardwood she's pretty darn fast, but rugs only slow her down now. They don't stop her. Neither does a rubber non-slip bathtub liner; last week I gave both kids a bath at the same time and Nora kept crowding Jack down to the deep end of the tub.

But most importantly, Nora is the easiest baby that has ever lived. Truly. The next time you hear me complaining about her sleep, feel free to tell me to shut it, because this is a baby who plays by herself for thirty to forty minutes at a time. Thirty minutes. She's eight months old! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I just plonk her down on the floor and toss her a few toys and I am free to take a shower, drink some coffee, clean the bathroom, what have you. My mother is still talking about a visit a few weeks ago when Nora hung out by herself in the living room for a half hour, happy as a clam with a toy car, while we all drank tea in the kitchen. And her naps! She naps like a DREAM BABY. When she's tired, I read her a book, nurse her and put her in bed. Boom! Done! But if I'm not there, nursing is not required. Anyone else can read her a book and put her in bed. And then she goes to sleep! OK, maybe you have to pat her back for two minutes. My mother-in-law babysat Nora at their house yesterday while Andrew, Jack and I went to see Curious George Live! (more on that later), and could not get over the simplicity that is Taking Care of Nora. "She played by herself on the floor for thirty minutes!" she said when we got back. "And then I put her in bed! And she slept for two hours!"

I know, Mother-in-law. I know.

And honestly, the sleep thing is fine. Yes, we have rough nights now and then when she gets up at three and won't go back down, and yes, she seems to think that 5:00 am is the PERFECT time to get up for the day and maybe 4:30 is even better, but after reading this post, perhaps you think I ought to shut my pie-hole in regards to complaining about such things. And perhaps you are right.

Because Nora is a delight. A love. A sweetie. I think we'll keep her.


Anonymous said...

I could watch her a hundred times. She is true delight.
Love from her anonymous Grammy.

Anonymous said...

That scootching is adorable!!

Joy said...

So adorable!!
And yes I have also come the conclusion that a blog is a very useful place to keep track of milestones.

Heather R said...

Once we "spring ahead" she will be getting up closer to 6:00am!