Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's right there, on the wall

Nora loves to play "Where's the clock?" But... she's not very good at it. I pretty much always have to tell her where it is.

Where's the clock? from Maureen on Vimeo.

But she's definitely trying to say "clock" there at the end, right? You see that too, right?

In addition to being a language prodigy, Nora is developing a knack for problem solving. I set up to record her technique for eating slippery banana slices and as a bonus, got Jack on tape reading me a story. It's his own interpretation of one of those books that are just pictures of things. This one has picture of things that are farm-related. There are no wolves in it, but there are vegetables.

Jack reads a book while Nora eats a banana from Maureen on Vimeo.


-R- said...

It sounds to me like she's trying to say clock!

Becca said...

How cute are THEY?? She totally said 'clock'!

Katie K said...

She absolutely said clock! Quite the adorable children you have. I am even more excited to have you and them over for lunch. :)

Heather R said...

I think she was saying clock too! And I love how she was trying to eat her bananas, SO cute!!