Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack never did this

OK, so I realize that Nora is curious and newly mobile and it is my responsibility as the adult to make sure the bathroom door stays closed. It is too much to expect her to resist the siren song of the rolled up toilet paper or the toilet plunger or the toilet itself. And when I forget to shut the door, I have no one to blame but myself when she starts dragging the plunger around like it's a pet she's taking for a walk.

But I think I get sympathy when Nora uses the eight seconds between my using the toilet and putting down the lid, a time also known as "wiping myself," to throw my flip flop into the bowl. Did I mention I had just used the toilet? And not flushed yet? Because I WASN'T DONE?

Scroll down to see my post, which is about cooking. But I think it might be helpful! Really! Go read it and tell me if it's helpful.


Heather R said...

oh gross!!!! I have to say I am lucky in the toilet department....not in the toilet paper dept, but in terms of the actual toilet....Sawyer gasps in horror and points if I EVER forget to close the lid. I definitely don't need a lock or anything. Same for open trash can lid, open baby gates, and even hair in the bathtub drain after my shower. Jeff thinks he'll work in quality assurance.

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