Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lordy but it's hard to blog these days

Especially going on day five or six or ONE THOUSAND of a nasty sinus infection that has rendered me dizzy and blocked up and it feels like knives in my ears when Nora shrieks. Which she tends to do.

But Monday, before I knew it was a sinus infection, we went hiking. It was the perfect solution to my desperate attempts to think of something fun to do with the children in the beautiful weather. I would have liked to visit family members, but they all have wee children (newborns, even! I have another nephew!) or are otherwise immunocompromised, so I can't bring over my germs. But the hike worked out beautifully. Especially since we went to the state park that has a farm that sells homemade ice cream.




Not to change the subject too abruptly or anything, but last week Jack tried candy corn. Now, candy corn is gross. I realize this. I also love it, so I allow myself one bag a year. I can only have one bag, because eating candy corn causes me to enter an infinite loop wherein the candy corn leaves a weird taste in my mouth which can only be removed by eating more candy corn, and oops! I ate the whole bag. Traditionally, I get all of it because Andrew hates candy corn, but I was fine with sharing my bag with Jack this year. So I had no complaints when Andrew bought a small bag for Jack after his flu shot.

Jack could barely wait until after lunch to eat it, but when he finally got a taste of it, he said, "I think there's something wrong with this candy corn." I tried a piece.

"Sorry, Jack," I said. "That's what candy corn tastes like."

I think he was just stunned that there could possibly be a CANDY that tastes BAD. Stunned and betrayed.

But hey, good news for me! I got all the candy corn again. Oops.


Kelsey said...

Can you believe I cannot find candy corn that is safe for our peanut allergic household? I mean, I actually can special order nut free candy corn but it costs an arm and a leg and, even though I love candy corn, it's not something I necessarily want to pay to have shipped to me.

Sigh. Candy corn. Love it.

Loved the pictures too, we're hoping to accomplish that sort of activity on Saturday. Also? Where is your baby and who is that big girl? :-)

Swistle said...

My mom and I feel that way about Mike & Ikes and Jolly Joes. We're like, "Oh, this is DISGUSTING" as we take another. We NEED another, to wash out the taste.

Anonymous said...

Those are really great pictures. Praying for a better next week for you and Nora.
Love, from your anonymous Mom.