Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well this is convenient

Yesterday, Jack was rooting through the silverware drawer while I prepped for dinner. (I made this crockpot breakfast casserole. I am told it was good, but I certainly couldn’t eat it. I couldn’t even go near it as I very unwisely included broccoli. Here’s a helpful tip: If you start to feel nauseated round about 3:00 most days, it is perhaps not the best idea to cook broccoli in the crockpot from 3:00-5:00. We played outside from 4:00 on or so, and when we came back inside the stench of overcooked broccoli almost killed me dead. In fact, I have to stop even typing about it right now. Blergh.)

Let’s start over: Jack was rooting through the silverware drawer and came across a baby spoon, but a particularly annoyingly shaped baby spoon that doesn’t fit in the drawer very well. We used to have two, in fact, but I think I threw one out. Jack was fascinated by it, and when I told him it was a practice spoon for babies, he said, “We should have another baby.”

Well that caught my attention. We have not yet shared our good news with Jack, but I figured this was a golden opportunity not to be wasted. “Would you really like to have another baby come live here, Jack?” I asked him.
“Yeah!” he said.

“Because they’re so cute, right?” I was concerned that he was mainly interested in seeing the baby spoon in use, so I wanted to check.

“Yeah, they are,” he replied. “We should have lots of babies.”

“How many babies do you want, Jack?”

“Oh, five or six,” he answered.

“Five or six, huh? I said. “Do want them to come all at once, or do you want to have one every couple of years?”

Jack considered this, and then said, “One every couple of years, because we only have one of these baby spoons.”

And you can’t argue with that.


Becca said...

That's so cute! Charlie wants four babies here. I disagree.

Heather R said...

So, did you tell him???

Krizzzz said...

That's good logic. Live within your resources, and all that. =)

Dr. Maureen said...

Heather: No, not yet. I'm only 12 weeks, it still feels too early. First, if something did go wrong, I wouldn't want to have to explain. But also, 28 weeks is a long time to wait when you're 4!

Joy said...

Great conversation, even if it didn't lead to big announcements.

Jessica said...

It's good to know he (theoretically) does want a new sibling!

HMS said...

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee - kid logic. Super cute and totally inarguable.

Kathryn said...

Jack sounds adorable! :)