Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jam hands

Do you guys remember that episode of Gilmore Girls when Luke finds out his nephew Jess is coming to stay with him, and he freaks out about how kids always seem to have jam on their hands? How even if there's no jam in the house, they still somehow have "jam hands"?

We DO have jam in the house.



Jessica said...

Margaret just looked at the picture and went "Oh, oh no" in a very grave tone.

Heather R said...

Oh, Nora!!! I thought Sawyer was messy because he is a boy....but this proves my theory wrong. I think Nora might win if they were to have a messiness contest!

Erica said...

I am scared of jam. This is why.

Doxie said...

I love this picture!!! I love Gilmore girls, Loved Luke!! Jam hands...not so much!! cute!

Carmen said...

Wow. That' All I've got is: that's not jam hands, that's jam belly.

I'm not scared of jam - it's HONEY that is scary to me. One microscopic dot of honey manages to make the entire kitchen sticky.

Krizzzz said...

Good Lord, woman. Was somebody planning to eat Nora next, with a nice spot of tea? ;-)