Monday, August 29, 2011

That is... unhelpful

I think I might be anemic. I mentioned to my mom that I was really tired, and she said I probably was, that it's a common pregnancy ailment. "Nah, I don't think I'm anemic, I think I'm just tired," I said.

"No one ever thinks they're anemic," she replied.

So once the idea was planted, I started to consider it because I have hypochondriac tendencies anyway, and it's not really hypochondria to consider the possibility that you have a common pregnancy ailment. And I'm really, seriously, tired.

I have an appointment on Thursday anyway, so I will ask for a blood test then, but in the meantime I looked up the symptoms of anemia on Babycenter.

"If you do become anemic, you might not have any symptoms at all, especially if your condition is mild. Or you might feel tired, weak, and dizzy... You might also notice that you're paler (especially in your fingernails, the underside of your eyelids, and your lips). Other symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, headache, irritability, and trouble concentrating."

Yes, I am definitely tired, weak, irritable, and short of breath. But here's the thing: Those are also symptoms of PREGNANCY (which Babycenter does also admit, that's where I put the ellipses). I also have trouble concentrating and have a headache, but THOSE are symptoms of MOTHERHOOD. So now I'm obsessively checking my fingernails and eyelids for paleness. Unfortunately, paleness is a symptom of my Irish heritage. So I guess I'll wait for the blood test.


Sarah in Ottawa said...

Any desire to eat non-nutritive substances?

Oh, pica. I have always enjoyed eating ice, but during my pregnancy with Veronica, I just ate and ate and ate it. On a trip to Michigan for a wedding, I would make Dave stop at McD's, where I'd buy an XL $1 and mostly fill it with ice. Which I'd eat and eat and eat. I nearly cried when we stopped at one place where the ice machine was broken. My dietitian friends (yes - I was heading to the wedding of a dietitian) joked that it could have been worse - at least I wasn't craving wood or clay or something!

Needless to say, my iron level was low when I was tested. My midwife recommended the usual dietary sources (red meat, dark leafy greens) as well as Floridex. That really helped.

Let's hope that the symptoms are just pregnancy after all.

Swistle said...

"Symptom of Irish heritage"---love!

Mama Bub said...

My doctor says the it's unusual for a pregnant woman to NOT be anemic. The annoying thing about pregnancy symptoms is that they're often both a thing that can just happen in pregnancy, AND a sign of something else. Helpful!

Jessica said...

I was always mildly anemic while pregnant and craved red meat like crazy. My husband LOVED this because I normally don't like steak, but would want it all the time while pregnant.

Becca said...

Helpful! It's like when the pediatrician asks you if your two year old has been moody after they hit their head. I think they have concussions from age 18 mo to age 4 years.