Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids, eh?

Nora woke up from her nap in a pretty decent mood, but when Andrew asked her if she wanted a snack, juice, etc., she just kept saying, “No.” Finally he said, “Do you need a clean diaper?” and she held up her hand and said, “Just leave me alone.”


I was folding laundry and told Jack I needed him to put away his clothes. “No, thanks,” he said.

“Uh… the correct answer is, ‘Sure thing, Mom,’” I told him. There was some more argument and I finally said, “We’re going to make you a chore list, Jack.”

“Nooooo!” he said.

“Jack, how old are you again?” I asked.

There was a brief pause. “Not very,” he said.


Mama Bub said...

I love these!

My four year old always says "No, thanks," when we ask him if he has to pee.

Becca said...


So maddeningly cute.

Krizzzz said...

James recently explained to me that when I say, "Sweetie, you wanna go brush your teeth?" he gets confused, because I make it sound like he has a choice.

To you, I'll admit he's got me there...but to him I explained back that I was just being polite. Now go brush.

Kelsey said...

Ha! "Not very." Smooth move, that.

Heather R said...

Sawyer today told me I could "go in kitchen and clean" so he could watch his show. (I wasn't offended yet because he's 2 and I often tell him I need to go clean the kitchen as an excuse to leave his room at bedtime.) I asked why he wanted me to leave and he said "You annoying me, mom! My trying to watch my show!" At that point, I was slightly offended.

Maggie said...