Friday, February 24, 2012

Pictures for Emily

Emily just asked me on Twitter why I never post pictures of Ann Marie, thus documenting her increasing cuteness. My answer was threefold:

1. I have no smart phone, and thus posting photos is a multi-step process that involves changing out memory cards and exporting and resizing and blah de blah, it's a huge pain.

2. It's an even huger pain on my blog because I don't like the way Blogger does photos so I have to post to Photobucket and then copy links and there is EXTRA TYPING, people.

3. Ann Marie is the third baby, so there are practically no photos of her at all. (There probably would be if I had a smart phone.) (Or maybe not.)

BUT. I actually coincidentally JUST COPIED brand new photos to my computer! I got Emily's tweet while putting Nora to bed so I came right out and sat down and went through the process - the MULTI-STEPPED process - of putting them on my blog. All for you! And Emily! Because who am I to deny requests for photos of my adorable baby? Who is and remains a DREAM BABY SENT FROM HEAVEN, by the way. Tonight she did cry a lot for a total of maybe fifteen whole minutes, split over two cry sessions, but the first fussy period was because she was starving and I ignored her more patient whimpers while I finished making dinner for the other two. The second round of fussiness was because she was wet and tired, and then I Nose-Frida-ed her. In between those two screaming sessions, she hung around in her bouncy seat and grinned like a fool at anyone who was willing to make eye contact. (Many of us were willing.) (But she stopped grinning as soon as I got the camera.)

All this complaining about the hardships of having to click buttons and type things makes me think of an issue I once had with a website. I maintain a corporate membership account for my company, but I am not personally a member of the service we offer our staff. Whenever I send the invitation to join to the new hires, however, I always click the link I send them to make sure it works. The link takes me to a sign up page, and at that point I just close the window, because I do not need to join. But during the last round of hires, I started getting chirpy little emails from the membership service reminding me to complete my registration. These were annoying, yes, but not nearly as annoying as discovering that when I went back to the website, I was routed directly to the registration page instead of my normal homepage. The first time this happened, it took me a few tries to even figure out how to get back to my homepage. And I couldn't shut it off.

So now, every time I wanted to check the billing statement which is the only thing I ever need to look at, I had to first go to step 1 of the registration, then click the logo in the top left corner, and then click "Account settings." That's TWO EXTRA CLICKS. I lived this nightmare for WEEKS. I finally emailed the company to ask them how to shut it off, and I ended up having to call them. It was difficult to explain the problem to the agent I spoke to on the phone, but once he understood exactly what was happening he realized he'd have to send an email to a separate department and have them get in touch with me. "It may take a day or two," he warned me, apologetically. "Is that OK?" I told him I'd probably be able to survive two more days of unnecessary mouse clicks, but only just.

And now here are pictures of my adorable children.











Swistle said...

Awwwwww, BAY-by!

Favorite line, with audible laughter: "That's TWO EXTRA CLICKS. I lived this nightmare for WEEKS."

Marie Green said...

Oh, they ARE adorable. Adorable, indeed. Also, it's so funny to see babies roughly the same age b/c I'm all "...hey, WE have that _____" and "WE HAVE *THAT* TOO" with every photo. (We have those jammies/one piece. We have that carseat bag JJ Cole thingie. ETC.)

Also? Your kids look so much alike!

Also, I do not like extra clicks either, so I'm sympathetic to your plight. AND I used blogger for a long time and I AGREE their photo uploading is jacked.

Becca said...

Totally adorable! And worth the extra clicking!!

And I totally get it. I have to click in TWO PLACES to delete work emails and that is why there are approximately six-thousand unnecessary emails in my inbox. Such a hassle.

Jessica said...

The first thing I thought when seeing the pictures was "Nora has hair!" It looks like she has quite a lot of hair. This is probably a sign you need to post more pictures.

Elsha said...

So adorable!

Maggie said...

So what it's like having a 5yo Mini Me running around? Stick a long dark wig and some glasses on that kid and HE IS YOU HOLY CATS EXACTLY.

AM is adorbs. And we already knew this about Nora. So your baby is an excellent sleeper AND you're all gorgeous. We are so not friends anymore.