Friday, November 2, 2012

The Very Model of a Modern Major General

Miriel told Twitter today that she needs a mnemonic for remembering the order in which the states ratified the Constitution, and asked if someone would write it into a song for her. This was obviously a challenge I had to accept.

Many thanks to Angela for suggesting Gilbert and Sullivan's "Modern Major General" as the song. And many thanks to the internet for containing many facts with the appropriate, or nearly appropriate, number of syllables.

And so, without further ado - except to say that I wrote this pretty fast whereas I bet Gilbert and Sullivan worked on theirs for many weeks -I present to you:

The Ratification of the Constitution

First Delaware, he snuck across the river and he signed it,
So Pennsylvania signed it next; that's not how they designed it.
Then up to Jersey where they liked it better than the Articles,
And then to Georgia to be signed by all of Georgia's particles,

The Yankees in Connecticut signed up to be State Number Five,
In Massachusetts, Hancock swayed the vote, suggesting Bill of Rights.
Then Maryland was next to vote adoption of the document,
And then South Carolina followed suit despite all being drunk.

New Hampshire as the ninth to sign secured the doc's legality,
But nonetheless Virginia signed and not just as formality.
And then New York, where Hamilton debated a Melancton Smith,
North Carolina, twelfth to sign, came adding to the monolith.

And so at last we reach Rhode Island which became the thirteenth state,
That is a fact so please do not attempt to give me a debate,
This was the order that the states joined up to form the new country,
I hope this song will help you learn the facts of this great history!


Jessica said...

Wow, very impressive. I have no skills for anything like this.

Carrie said...

I'm studying constitutional law in grad school this term and am totally sharing this with my fellow students!

Rah said...

Omigosh, I'm sitting here singing it at 7 in the morning. Genius!