Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard pictures

 photo IMG_0934_zps242cd520.jpg

 photo IMG_0945_zps2f7201fb.jpg

 photo IMG_0942_zpsaa539dc6.jpg

 photo IMG_0946_zps4e9654d0.jpg

 photo IMG_0947_zps7d8dce9d.jpg

 photo IMG_0948_zps00764118.jpg

 photo IMG_0952_zps0c5ace52.jpg

 photo IMG_0958_zps4ba39dfa.jpg

 photo IMG_0959_zpsc7a7e74d.jpg

 photo IMG_0003_zpsa0d872b9.jpg
The drifting amazed me.

 photo IMG_0006_zpsa04725ca.jpg
That rectangular area is the snow that was UNDER the car.

 photo IMG_0009_zps26d4ac85.jpg

 photo IMG_0021_zpsb5ab457b.jpg

 photo IMG_0029_zpsf925a1cf.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zps350b2f2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0032_zpscb979aa1.jpg

 photo IMG_0033_zps583d2904.jpg
That is Jack in the air, there.

 photo IMG_0035_zpsc66b44bf.jpg


A'Dell said...

I love the pics of Jack and Nora playing in it! I bet they totally remember it when they're older.


maggie said...

I cannot fathom that much snow. The only time I've been in that much snow is when I'm on top of a mountain wearing skis. We didn't get ANY snow this year (and I am totally fine with that, btw) but that much snow DOES look like a good time.

Susie said...

It looks so FUNNNN except for the shoveling. I want to BE Jack in that sledding picture. That looks like pure childhood joy.

Carmen said...

Well, that is a crap-ton of snow. I'd like to making a snow angel right now, actually.

But here's what I want to know. Have you started any more calculations on the volume of snow in your yard and how fast it's going to melt? It WAS you that did that a couple of years ago, wasn't it? It seems like an engineer type of exercise.