Thursday, February 21, 2013

They Gleam

We had our floors refinished this week. This is huge. Huge huge huge. For one thing, when we scheduled the work with the floor guy, he said we’d be able to get back into the house on Thursday, so we made plans to repaint our living room on Thursday since Andrew serendipitously already had that day off. Today was Thursday. Do you know what we did today? We painted the living room! Because the floors were finished when he said they would be! It went perfectly smoothly! I’m still reeling a bit from the shock of it.

For another thing, I thought that refinishing the floors was at least a year or two away because of the expense and logisitics, but it was something that I dreamed about doing because our floors were terrible. No, they were terrible. No, no, you don’t have to be polite. They were TERRIBLE. Look:

 photo IMG_0069_zpsfb260749.jpg
Dining room

 photo IMG_0067_zpsd44169c5.jpg
Living room

 photo IMG_0071_zpsafedb08f.jpg

 photo IMG_0072_zpsaf4a2975.jpg
Kids' room

 photo IMG_0073_zps3c0e7a9e.jpg
Our room

 photo IMG_0074_zpse84eaa98.jpg
Where they put down the can of popcorn ceiling stuff

When we bought the house at the peak of the market, we were young and stupid and thought, “Oh, we can fix that!” about a lot of things. And while we have, in fact, fixed quite a lot of things, it is taking a lot longer and requiring a lot more dollars than we ever imagined it would. And when we tore up the (disgusting) rugs in the upstairs apartment, we discovered that what appeared to be finished-if-damaged hardwood was actually only finished around the edges of the living and dining rooms, and the middle of these rooms was unfinished pine, because why bother finishing boards that are only going to be covered by a rug, sayeth early-20th-century builders. Later owners apparently sayeth the same about protecting the wood while painting and applying popcorn ceiling. What is the point, really, if you’re just going to put down wall-to-wall, right?

So. That is what we were dealing with. And it was fine, whatever. You get used to stuff. It was unpleasant, and it was hard to clean under the dresser in our bedroom where the popcorn ceiling detritus basically acted as Velcro to dust, and there were hug e gaps between the pine boards into which the children could insert quarters, and spilling anything wet on the unfinished part of the floor meant that that beverage was absorbed into the wood forever, but, honestly, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. First of all, despite how terrible the floors were once we tore up the rugs, they were better than the RUGS were, because, Lord, those rugs were nasty. There was a CRUNCHY spot in the bedroom. So, yes, I hated the floors, but floors are only a small part of life, you know?

But, man, I love our floors now.

 photo IMG_0964_zpsb786f46b.jpg
Dining room

 photo IMG_0969_zpsf04f8099.jpg
Living room

 photo IMG_0967_zpsebefd966.jpg

 photo IMG_0963_zpscabaec96.jpg
Kids' room

 photo IMG_0965_zps73415574.jpg
Our room

 photo IMG_0966_zps224e511b.jpg
Where they put down the can of popcorn ceiling stuff  


april said...

Amazing!!! Our floors all look a lot like the before landing photo. I really need to redo them but MONEY.

Ms. Molly said...

Wow! They look gorgeous!

Mama Bub said...

Oh my gosh. Beautiful. I'm jealous and my floors are only a year old.

LJS said...

Does your floor guy travel to CT?
We had the best time playing with your children yesterday. Nora and I built an epic castle complete with chicken coop, cow pasture and a kitchen where we baked a giant cake from nature's bounty. I have not had the opportunity to play like that in so long. My girls were in heaven.

Swistle said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness. Looking at the first pictures, I thought, "Yes, bad-but-liveable. It will be fun to see them transformed." But WOW. It was even more fun than expected!

We need to redo ours. The worst part to me is thinking about moving all the stuff. I'm not sure I can face it.

Linda said...

I want to make out with your new floors.

Anne - AnnabelleSpeaks said...

WOW, the floors are amazing! So awesome.

Joy said...

They look amazing, congratulations on the transformation!

maggie said...


Doing My Best said...

Oh my gosh! How can you stand to let anyone walk on those beautiful, GLEAMING floors?! That's why I hesitate to make anything look nice at my house: it just makes me too sad when the kids mess it up.