Monday, March 4, 2013

So I am not losing my mind after all

Oh ho HO! My mother-in-law called me today, and guess what she found "stuck between the bed and the wall, it must have fallen down there, I don't know how"? That's RIGHT. My library book. And now she and her husband are jetting off to Costa Rica and I can't get my hands on it for two more weeks. ISN'T THAT CONVENIENT.

I kid. I kid because I love. She reads this blog, so in my last post I was teasing her with all my accusations of book theft and lies. But this does not change the fact that I secretly, deep down in my heart, thought the book was at her house, despite her insistence that they had looked everywhere. "Sure you did," I thought to myself. "Everywhere except where the book is."

WELL. She read my blog this morning and felt like she had to do a deep search for my library book, and there it was stuck next to the bed. And the good news is that the librarian took pity on me when I went in to pay for it, and let me renew it, so I have three weeks before they send the library police after me. Just enough time for my mother-in-law to take it to Costa Rica and read it herself.*

And now I will show you some of my child's art. I'm sorry. Except not really. What follows is a picture of what Jack likes to eat.

 photo e0a9fa00-a6e5-4225-a7bd-795283261e3c_zps7a32b005.jpg

Lest you think my children have sophisticated palates, note that the top left is a picture of mac 'n' cheese, and that's a hot dog up there on the right. But I think my favorite parts is the smile on the fish. Which, incidentally, I have never served whole.

 *She's not really taking it. She's going to drop it off at my brother-in-law's, and I can probably get it this coming weekend.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I ordered salmon for Elizabeth at a restaurant once and the waitress said "really?" (Elizabeth likes it because it is pink.) I like how that salmon is so cheerful about being eaten.

Jessica said...

Those mothers-in-law. Always trying to pull a fast one:)