Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If the question is "Do we need any bananas?" the answer is always "Yes."

Evening. Interior office. Andrew enters.

ANDREW: How can there only be three bananas left? This morning, there were eight!
MAUREEN: You mean there were eight bananas this morning, and then each of the five of us ate one and now there are three? HOW CAN THAT BE?
ANDREW: Shut up.

He's right though, the rate at which we go through bananas is positively shocking. I cannot keep them in the house, even though I instituted a policy that anyone in a grocery store must buy bananas no matter how many bananas were purchased just yesterday. We are always out of bananas.


Elsha said...

This is our house. Giant bunch of bananas purchased Saturday morning? Out of bananas by Sunday lunch.

Erica said...

Yes. I have realized that if I am at the store for any reason, I should always buy bananas and milk. Every time.

Anonymous said...

The facts of life.
Love from your anonymous Mom